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Lyrics zu dem Song „hearing my soul“ von Limoband

Juli 20th, 2012

Wir freuen uns sehr über den Erfolg unseres Limoband Hits „hearing my soul“.
Anbei die Lyrics zu dem Song:

Strophe 1:
Every day, the drudge and the dreariness
Every night, the fighting, the psycho mess
The fighting, the yearning the doubts that go through your mind
Will I release me, myself and this life in this crucial bind

Teil 2:
I want the wealth of life to come to me
I want fulfilling love and happiness to wash all over me
And I want to make you hopeful and healthy together
Will it get better, easier, Light as a feather

Hearing my soul inside
Following my intuition
Feeling my heart take stride
Letting it go, my inhibition

Strophe 2:
Every day, the harmony accompanies me
Every night, the peace and serenity
The balance, the center, the light that goes through my mind
I have released me, myself and my life is aligned

Music and Words by Ralf Kaiser & Amanda Lampert